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Water bottles are not recommended; they can chip and break teeth, and a hedgehogs teeth do not grow back - when they're gone, they're gone. They also only release small droplets of water at a time, often leaving the animal dehydrated - particularly when its a species who do drink a fair amount of water (i.e. rabbits, hedgehogs), so definitely switch to the bowl! I havent heard of hedgehogs using them as bathrooms. They typically hate water, so them willingly climbing into a water dish would be quite unusual. If that is your concern, its as easy as giving them a bowl that they cant fit into.

Also a note on the Silent Spinner; there have been (many) reports of nails getting caught in the gaps where the blue & white pieces snap together, so please do be careful. Bucket wheels are far safer and i'd recommend either switching to one, or sealing the area on the silent spinner where the two pieces snap together. If you wanted to give her more uninterrupted floorspace, you could also remove the divider from her midwest enclosure also.

Losing quills at 8 weeks is likely quilling, so nothing i'd be concerned about - so long as it is not accompanied by excessive balding, or red irritated skin, you've got nothing to worry about.
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