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Default New home and bath ❤️

I got pearl last Thursday (5 days ago) and I started out with a 40 gallon Breeder tank that held the smell in something terrible! I ordered the MidWest guinea home from Amazon which came yesterday and I think she’s going to like it! She has so much more room and since she has more ventilation I’m not so worried about having the heat set up! She was less than impressed with bath time but she smelled awful 🤷‍♀️ After her bath I noticed a couple quills on the towel. She’s 8 weeks old. I’m assuming she’s beginning to quill? The Breeder said that she uses water bottles but I am worrying that she’s not drinking enough. When I get her out at night for her treats and a little forced bonding time 😂 I put a little water in a dish and she laps it right up. I’ve read that they tend to poop in their water dishes sometimes and I don’t want her to drink unsanitary Water even though it’s changed every day. Does water dish placement play a role in the possibility of her pooping in it?
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