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I'm wondering how big everyone's cage is. I use fleece in my guy Teo's 24x47 enclosure. Yesterday's News as litter. I spot-clean every day, including fully cleaning the wheel, and usually change out fleece strips and soft toys (inside his igloo and digbox, etc.) 2 or 3 times a week. But I also notice a smell.

BUT. Teo is in a pretty small room since we moved a month ago. I keep the door closed so no other pets bother him (and one cat is sick). At our old house, he was upstairs in the loft part of a huge open cathedral room. So maybe it's not a bad smell and it's just that before there was no smell at all. My son, whose bathroom open to Teo's space, seems a bit put off by the Yesterday's News smell. But until he pointed it out to me, I thought it was neutral to nice (paper smell!).
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