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Default Thank you!

Thanks for the welcome! 🤗 I'm just hoping she keeps eating! She has been quite itchy the last well or so and scratching her ears and sides.. Much like an itchy dog. She's had dry skin issues for the last few months with a bit of quill loss, so I also had them do a skin scrape during her surgery to check for mites and they didn't find anything.

She had rough jagged ears for a bit (you can see in the first picture from a couple months ago, but in her lethargic state after surgery, I was able to massage her ears with an olive oil hedgie blend from the groomer and they are no longer jagged, but she is itching more.

I guess I should post this in another area to get thoughts. When I feel good about her eating, I'm gonna bath her and try to moisturize, but I haven't wanted to add any unnecessary stress recently with a bath.

Also, not sure why my second picture is sideways! 😅🤷🏻*♀️
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