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Default Tumor or WHS?

Hi all, this is my first time posting on a forum of any kind, so please bear with me.

I have had hedgehogs in the past: two boys, one of whom developed a brain tumor at 2 years and past in 2016, another who struggled with a respiratory infection and succumbed to pneumonia in 2018. My current hedgehog, Peter, is just over a year old (maybe a year and a half?) and has been perfectly healthy: a little grumpy here and there but always a good eater and an avid wheel-runner. He disliked his dry food, so I switched him to canned mixed with dry and recently just to wet because he seemed to be having issues with his jaw (we thought it was unrelated to the mobility issues below but now we're not sure).

Recently, he's stopped eating as much and seems to be struggling to walk on slick surfaces. He no longer runs on his wheel. He seems to favor his front legs but when on carpeted surfaces, he walks fine with no tremors or shakiness. He tends to flop forward occasionally onto his front right side regardless of the surface he is on. His right eye appears to be slightly swollen compared to his left. I got him to eat when I placed him and his food bowl on a fleece blanket and he had enough traction to stand and eat. I have a vet appointment for him in a week with a local exotic vet (but they also run an ER through the clinic as well). I'm leaning towards tumor but I just wanted to get some other opinions.

My current plan is to switch his crate paper to pee pads for extra traction and continue to offer him several types of wet food. I supplemented his food with one drop of vitamin E last night, as well.
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