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Default Rest in Peace Decim

Friday night i noticed he had not eaten his food. From there the weekend was emotional. He couldnt walk on his own, eat, or drink. I gave him water from a syringe and blended food. I would hold him so he could walk around. Otherwise as soon as i was home until i went to sleep he was sleeping in my arms. As im holding him he would twitch and shake. Thinking back he was having issues where he'd fall over but i mainly noticed it during and after bath time so i assumed he did it because he didnt like the baths. But as im watching i see him try to stand only to fall. Monday morning a trip to the only vet in the area who would see him. The vet looked at him he was extremly under weight. He kept shaking as she was looking at him but otherwise didnt respond to her. She said it was most likely Wobbly or something else in the brain. She recomennded to end his suffering. So at only a year and 11 months old i allowed him to pass over the rainbow bridge. Rest in peace decim i miss you so much!
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