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Yeah I might steal Haku's tonight to see how it performs before going out and buying her one; theyre not too much more expensive than a CHE by exoterra - but theyre still like 40 bucks a pop. His heat goes off at night time, so its not like he'll notice haha. I never thought of doing it before because his is only 50W and at the time, that was the only wattage they sold. I have a room heater that keeps the room from dropping below 20C but I like to keep Coco's cage (especially because its where she sleeps) at 24C and need a 150W CHE to keep temps from fluctuating too much.

It'll be interesting to see how even just the 50W compares to her 150W CHE bulb. It does great with Haku, and maintains his temperatures brilliantly across his 4ft viv and his is set at 33C - but his is a wooden enclosure, and Coco has an open C&C den. Anyways, just crossed my mind today and wanted to see if anyone else has tried it or considered it haha. I'll give it a go tonight and see what I think!
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