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If she’s showing signs of over heating or you can’t regulate her enclosure temperature well, a small ceramic tile can be put in as a cooling stone. I personally wouldn’t think it necessary if she’s not showing signs or if you’re controlling the temperature well, but it shouldn’t cause any negative effects being in there.

I love to let Christina run all around my entire basement while I’m showering, doing desk work, or even watching tv. Giving your hog access to a while room can be very stimulating for them and give them adequate exercise! Just be sure there’s nothing on the ground (including dust if you have hardwood floors) and no open or out of reach gaps/spaces. “Hedgehog proof” it 🙂

Another form of enrichment is dietary. You could spread her kibble around her enclosure one night to stimulate her foraging senses or even make a dig box and add worms, or in my case, frozen crickets. Those possibilities are endless. Once, I stuffed fleece strips in one end of a paper towel roll, poured her dry diet in the other side, and closed the other side up with more fleece. It’s a great way for them to work for their food!
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