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Default Hedgehog limping

My hedgehog was limping when I found her yesterday morning. There were spots of blood around her cage. I freaked out and made an appointment with the vet which, the earliest, was today. She didn't seem to want to put her paw down and when she did, it was shaking as if it hurts to move it. I kept an eye on her the entire day. She ate worms when I placed some by her. I heard her waking up every so often so I'm sure she was very uncomfortable.

Took the wheel out of the cage to keep her from running. This morning there wasn't any new blood spots around which made me feel relieved. She also seemed to move like her typical self. Gave her a quick foot bath and afterwards, packed her with an ice pack and headed to the vet. Vet said she appears fine but is more careful with that one paw. He thinks it may be soft tissue damage. We didn't want to put her under for an xray because the last time it was attempted, she had heart arrhythmia and they had to wake her up immediately. Vet prescribed metacam, 2 units, once a day with food for five days. He also recommended I brush her teeth. I forgot to ask about side effects of metacam. Since I'm very skeptical of the vets in this practice, does this seem about right to you all? The last vet here kept pushing me to use mazuri...

TIA. O she was also super pissed about traveling to the vet and being at the vet, she turned her nose to worms!!
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