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Default Luna ❤️

Tonight, after worrying about my baby for a few days, I came into my room to find Luna laying on her side in her cage which was very odd and my heart dropped, but she was breathing. When I told my mom, she came down and she picked her up and we gave her lots of love as she calmly lied in our hands and we passed her back and forth. She passed peacefully as we gave her love and rubbed her tummy. My heart aches to hear her run around drinking and eating as I lie in bed, but I’m so happy she isn’t suffering anymore. We tried to get her to a vet, but ASAP wasn’t soon enough and he didn’t know much about hedgehogs anyway. She was young and she deserved so much more time and I feel horrible that I couldn’t help her. I hope anyone who reads this and has a hedgehog gives them love, hugs, and treats. Tell them you love them. They don’t live nearly long enough.
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