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Your current mix doesn't have to go to waste; we can fix her diet to make it more appropriate while using up whatever food you still have left.

Even if we start simply by just adding in one new kibble - I'm using Applaws senior chicken for this, because it has the lowest fat content out of the applaws mixes while also having high animal protein, but if you have a different preference we can see if its workable;

Applaws senior chicken is 37% protein, 20% fat and has a 80% animal protein content.
Her current mx of James wellbeloved is 32.5% protein, 12.5% fat.

You have a couple of options here, depending on what fat % you're comfortable with. I'm going to run through a couple options, just to show you some possibilities you have here with just this one simple change of adding in just one new kibble:

A) 80% applaws + 20% current mix = 36.1% protein, 16.1% fat
B) 70% applaws + 30% current mix = 35.6% protein, 15.6% fat
C) 60% applaws + 40% current mix = 35.2% protein, 15.2% fat.

Now, like I mentioned earlier fat content is not all. We also need to look at animal protein, and we would want her food to be at least 60%. So, if the James wellbeloved has a minimum of ~30% animal protein, and the Applaws has 80%:

A) 80% x 80% + 30% x 20% = (64%) + (6%) = 70% animal protein for option A
B) 80% x 70% + 30% x 30% = (56%) + (9%) = 65% animal protein for option B
C) 80% x 60% + 30% x 40% = (48%) + (12%) = 60% animal protein for option C

All of these options would be suitable (again though, if you want to use a different kibble we can try it - i just used applaws as a quick & appropriate example), and with this simple change in addition to reducing her kibble intake to 5-6g, and perhaps also reducing her add ins a little like Ria mentioned, you should get far more control over Hollys weight.

ETA; As far as wet food goes, my hedgehog (who sits around 360-370g, and runs like the wind) eats anywhere from 20-30g - but she doesn't eat her kibble with this. You can feed it as often as you like once its a complete food you're offering - also beware that some picky hedgehogs get a liking for it, and won't eat anything else - which is only really a problem if you don't personally want to feed them a solely wet diet (although it is 100% appropriate to do so).

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