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Thank you, that’s really useful and helpful info. I have to say I feel very out of my depth whenever I delve in to the analytical side of food.

I already have a mix made up and would prefer not to waste to so I’m thinking a plan of action could be:

Start adding in a new kibble now until it’s maybe 50% of the mix then start reducing the JWB housecat until it out of the mix, which would potentially give me a 50/50 mix of the JWB light and new kibble then from here I can increase the new kibble and reduce the JWB further if needed? Possibly even introduce a 3rd kibble.

I’m thinking from here I can then reduce how much kibble is being given (I don’t want to suddenly reduce it whilst changing the taste and cause a tantrum) and in between all that reduce the extras as suggested by Ria.

Is this a good plan?

I will start with Applaws as the new kibble, as she has taken to it in the past. She had the applaws kitten but would the adult or senior be a better option? Carnilove is one we have tried and she ate around it, which leaves me with the rest of Suggested foods available if she won’t take to the applaws.

If I try introducing wet food how much should I give and how often?

I am willing to try everything even if Holly isn’t so willing!

Thank you again for your help.

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