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Honestly I would keep the james well beloved light turkey, and mix it with something like carnilove their duck and turkey is pretty good, and theres a vets kitchen chicken (that emc showed me) if you do a mix of these you can still keep the fat low but its also got less carbs.
Personally for a lazy hedgehog like yours I wouldnt use a fat content higher than 14% especially if they eat everything given.

I would also decrease some of the extras given, rather than giving 5g meat AND 5g veg I would do 4g meat and 2g veg. Then the total food is only 16g that night with the 11 insects. It isnt as much food this way.
Or if you cut the biscuit down to 6-7g of biscuit then do 5g meat and 3g veg plus the 11 insects. This would work better.

As Emc said though for such a lazy hedgehog (whos even lazier than my Holly) should only eat around 6g of biscuit (1 teaspoon)
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