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Holly gets a 2 hour bonding session each evening from 7pm to 9pm of which she spends an hour and half cuddling me then the last half an hour cuddling my mum if she has the time.
But Holly wont let my mum pick her up at all, like seriously she huffs and puffs and jumps to dig in her quills, and then if my mum touches her still Holly will bite her.
But if I hand her to my mum shes happy to just snuggle with her.

Honestly bonding with them a lot is good, but I dont recomend bonding too much. During the day I tend to just leave Holly with the radio on and then let her sleep and only disturb if I have to.
But thats partly because I didnt want her to get used to being taken out for cuddles during the day because then it makes fitting my schedule around her easier.
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