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Default Can I leave my hedgehog alone for the weekend?

Hello everyone!
I am thinking of getting a hedgehog by the end of the summer, I already found a reputable breeder and all is set but I may reconsider because of this:

I am a teen whose parents are divorced, every weekend (From Friday evening to Sunday evening) I'm at my dad's place which is really small and noisy so I don't want to bring my hedgie with me. My dad doesn't want a pet at his place as well and it's really far so I don't want to stress my pet so much nearly every week.
I would have to leave him with my mother who will take great care of him so I'm not worried about it.

I'm just worried he won't get used to me because I won't be able to stay with him as much as I'd like even in his first weeks home. Should I not get a hedgehog or is it fine to leave him with someone else who'll take care of him on weekends?

Also sorry for my English, it isn't my first language.
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