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I give Holly a total of 14 insects a night but she gets a different mix of insects each night, and 12g of biscuit. People generally say about doing it table spoons but this can differ hugely between foods like if I gave Holly the recommended 2 tablespoons of food I would be giving 20g of biscuit which is a lot.
Most people say to free feed but this is widely debated over too.
In a way I do, I give Holly 12g of food knowing she eats roughly 6g per night but theres more there if she so wished to eat a bit more, she always has food but its controlled in as much as she wont ever get more than 12g of biscuit

I wouldn't offer more than 16g of food especially as some hedgehogs will just eat because its there.
You can feed a wide verity of insects every other dat if you wanted, but I think its better to get a different mix of a wide variety of insects each day.

Herp and zoomed are the best brands for canned insects. I used them to get Holly started on insects and get myself used to the idea of feeding insects before moving over to live insects that I then gut load and freeze because that's the only way my mum allows me to have them in her house, that and I'm not a big fan of them myself, and Holly isnt keen on the jumpy ones haha.

Fruit and veg is only really recommended to be given in small amounts about twice a week or less. They can't digest huge amounts of plant matter and any veg should be cooked.
They can also have cooked meats or pet grade raw meat that you buy frozen for dogs, they can have this a few times a week, maybe 3-4 days a week in small amounts.
Theres a list of safe and unsafe foods in the sticki section, if you cant find one you want to know about just ask and someone will be able to tell you.
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