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Hi Ria

This is just the second time we've changed her food - the first type of food was from the pet store, the second (1kg bag which lasted a while) from the supermarket which I picked out after reading stuff about hedgies online (and I'll definitely check out the nutrition section on this forum too!), and the third one only recently. We are in a different country every 1-2 months and just couldn't find the same brand at the previous place we were at. Would've got more for sure if I'd known at the time that time that different brands of cat food even with the same protein content would be that much different for hedgies! she's not going bald anywhere yet nor crusty nor anything like that so. good to know that 10 mth quilling is somewhat normal. thanks for the advice!

Hi Darcie, thank you! she's brought much laughter and lightheartedness to us it's wonderful having a hedgie, as you would know too!!
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