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Default Hello everyone! 10 mth old Esquina

Hi everyone nice to meet you! We have a 10 month old baby girl named Esquina, and she loves massages and burrowing in her igloo. We got her when she was 2 months old and are first time hedgie owners. These 8 months have been so fun getting to know her, stroke her where she likes it, get used to her smells and her used to ours, her schedule, her moods, and also of course the cleaning! We love her and though it's generally thought that hedgehogs aren't very expressive this little girl can be quite loving at times (or we're just imagining it lol whichever floats the boat). We are on Instagram with the same handle @esquinaonthesea so please feel free to check out our photos and comment if you like

I think she's just begun quilling again (is it right that this would be her last time before becoming an adult at 1 year old??). She was losing quite a lot of fur before the quilling started, is that normal? She is behaving normally - for her that means 'fluffy cuteness snuggle me' social some days and huffy 'don't touch me I'm just gonna walk away' anti-social some days Her kibble is always changing because we are on the move and I can't always find the same brand everywhere we go, so I just search for the highest protein 36-40% dry cat food that's about 0.5cm size. I read that changes in food could result in loss of fur/quills but she's dropped about 50 quills over 2 days so got a little worried.. though she seems to be playing/pooping as per usual so I thought it might be quilling instead?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and we are glad to join the community!

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