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Default Water/Food bowls in carrier

Hello everyone! I’m heading out on a couple hours drive to New Hampshire from Boston and planning to bring Penny Jo with me. She’s 8 months now. We haven’t taken her on a long drive yet and I’ve got her plastic pet carrier that I take her to the vet in. I’m trying to figure out how to put a water and food bowl in there and can’t find the right answer anywhere. I’m sure she’ll be asleep on the way there, but not sure what time we’ll head home at the end of the weekend and want to be prepared. If you’ve used water and food bowls in your carrier before, have you gotten the kind that clip to the door or just the same bowls from their cage in the carrier itself? I’m worried about things tipping or sliding so I’m leaning towards the clip-on kind, but have no clue which clip-on kind is better either. Any suggestions would help!

Also, just want to say thanks for everyone’s awesome questions and answers on here. This forum has been super helpful!
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