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Many thanks for your replies and really helpful! I feel like running home and putting a bowl of water, I really don't want her to be dehydrated! I will be home in a couple of hours and will do that first thing. I don't think she's been drinking enough. And coco nut oil on the ears if she lets me.
As for the biting or rather nipping, it may really be because I was handing her pieces of chicken and had them in my hand, so I will try not to smell so appetizing next time.
My idea is to take her for a vet check up in a few days. I know the rats were feeder rats for the birds of prey and they were in the same cage which is basically a naked mesh cage, quite crowded and not very hygienic.
I will take time to read through the forum/caresheets but maybe you can direct me to tips about the temperature issue. Shall I add an infrared lamp or ceramic bulb over the cage or a reptile heating mat under? What is the best option and how do you regulate the temperature? I am sure that is all written somewhere already.
Also I have a big play mat that is two square meters and I plan to make a little fence to transform that into a playpen for her so I can leave her cage open if she wants to explore. But no hurry cause she is just about settling in and hardly comes out even at night, just a bit to eat.
I will weigh her and let you know the result. I don't know if she is eating enough. I have high protein kibble the best brand I could get, some frozen crickets and a few bits of zucchini and peas and some chicken out there for her. I know she does eat a bit, she also ate on my lap.
I have cared for european wild hedgehogs and sincerely I don't see her much more tame than them whilst they were in my care. She does relax after some minutes a bit but remains very jumpy. That is ok, I don't mind as long as she feels happy and healthy. I have to say that sadly there was another hedgehog in there, one with long ears. But it had mange and the worker that rescued her (he sneaked her out in his bag) took this one that looked healthier. Those hedgehogs get dumped before summer holidays, they are not well socialised and people realise they prick and get tired of them. So they either "let them free" or hand them over to the wildlife centre.
I never considered a pet hedgehog, my main issue with them is that their lives are too short (even my dog... hate to see him grow old faster than me), but unless a very good home comes up she is probably staying.

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