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Default New to hedgehogs

Hello all!

So since yesterday I am the carer (and probable new owner) of a little hedgehog as for now nameless. It was rescued from a wildlife centre where it was to be euthanized (as invasive species) and kept with rats for some days in the meantime.
I had a glimpse under it and pretty positive it is a female, otherwise no idea about age. I think it is an African pigmy hedgehog and probably adult?
I am attaching photos here. I set up a cage quickly for her, I am planning on improvements such as an exercise wheel and a big play pen and toys, just starting.
The little one is quite stressed and huffs and puffs a lot and stays hidden most of the time. I have her on my lap now sleeping in a t-shirt.
Also she does lick and nip which kind of concerned me cause I don't mind spikes but would rather not have a pet trying to eat me.
So this is only day two! Lots to learn!

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