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checking back in with updates.
we've finished the antibiotic cure a few days ago. will be visiting the vet for a check up this saturday.
behavior... unchanged, the little pimples are still around though..
as for her weight, we switched back to biscuit, am now feeding a blend of hill's prescription diet r/d and metabolic. also will have W/D coming in soon. all of them are recommended for weight loss. will see where we go from here.
she did not gain weight, in fact she dropped a bit, at 518 grams last night, although i think it's due to switch from we to dry food. although, the first 2 days when we did the switch she was drinking water like crazy.
activity levels still the same. 2 nights ago she was quite active, doing laps around her room. she would do a lap, sit down a bit, then do another one.
yesterday night for example, was next to no activity. we took a bath, and she just stayed in her towel until she was dry, then did a lap, and started to fall asleep in a corner, so i put her back in her cage. she ate, and then sleep. got up at 3 am to eat (5mins), then again at 6 am to drink.
will see what happens today.
summer started strong over here, temps are over 30C. i do have an aircon in her room, it's on thermostat switch, but it is mostly on since 9 am to 9 pm. keeps the temp at 26C tops.
also, happy to say she seems to love broccoli. she has been eating it instead of her carrots, and those have been absolute favorites.
if anybody has any idea how i can get her to be more active, please share.
was thinking about building her a small maze, but i think she'll just... sit in it...
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