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Default Using fleece liners and trying to save water


I'm going to be getting a hedgehog in a few months, and I've been going through this forum trying to decide what kind of bedding I should use for my enclosure. There is SO much information on here, and it's been extremely useful in narrowing down my options. So thanks already for all the help, forum users!

Fleece definitely seems to be the popular option - but my big concern is washing. I really don't like the idea of running the washing machine (and possibly dryer) for only one or two sheets of fleece every 5 to 7 days. It uses up way more water than I'm comfortable with.

I've gathered from posts that most people don't put their hedgehog laundry in the wash with the rest of their clothes. Does anyone do this, or is it a solid no? If I was using unscented, mild laundry detergent and a dose of vinegar, and did my best to pick off the poop first, is there any possibility that they could go in the wash together? Any horror stories to share, to scare me off of doing this? :P (again, I do want to state that I'm definitely leaning AWAY from this option... just wanted to see if anyone had had any success doing their hedgehog laundry this way).

One way I thought I could get around this would be to make 5 or 6 fleece liners. If I replace them every 5-7 days, I could save them up to do a big wash once a month.

However, even if I did the hedgehog laundry separately, I'd still be worried about missed poop and quills getting in the washer. I live in a suite with a washer/dryer shared among other tenants, and I'd feel pretty bad if any of them got hedgehog poop in their laundry. I know some people run another wash cycle afterwards to sanitize the washer, but since my whole issue here is saving water, I'd prefer to avoid doing that if I can.

My other option would be handwashing in the bathtub. Have people had good results with this? Do the liners get clean enough?

Any advice or recommendations would be great! I might still decide to go with a different bedding type, I just want to figure out if fleece is a workable option for me. Thanks so much!
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