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Originally Posted by Ria View Post
I'm not saying to put her on diet maybe I was a bit unclear, I think that it needs to be stabilised a bit so that the weight gain doesn't get too high, because with being ill her immune system isnt going to be too strong, so tryingto bring it down wouldn't be a good idea at this point, but I dont think letting it get much higher would be very good, so really you need to balance it now to keep stable at what she is now so that when she's better loosing the weight wont be as hard. If that makes sense ??
I'm not brilliant with wording stuff so it came across as saying to loose weight now sorry.

4 is generally the main age for senior age and slowing down but I think that because of the illnesses and medication its made her slow down a bit sooner.
I see what you mean. Maybe we can try to adjust its diet properly under the premise of meeting its daily nutritional needs. Try not to gain weight so fast.
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