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I have a food with tomato pomace near the end, and Holly is absolutely fine, I was a little worried about but I thought I'd try it anyway because I would monitor it and any bad signs it would come out, but its perfectly fine.

Having an indoor cat food DOESNT do anything for smell. Poo smells worse depending on:
1 how much their diet is made up of cat biscuit
2 the lower the quality- the more fillers it has- the worse it will make their smell.
3 if you use a fish one it can (not always just mostly) makes their poo smell worse !!

Indoor cat foods have absolutely no effect on the smell. However they are great for having low fat, so its great to add to a mix to bring down the fat.
Having a diet that is majority healthy gut loaded insects is a brilliant way for less stinky poo. Only thing is you dont want to feed too many as they all pretty high in fibre and too much fibre isnt great for them.

HappyHedgehogs - I found that for me Iams is the best. It's a good quality cat food, but for a reasonable price. I'm sorry I'm going to repeat what I said on the other thread here too not because I don't think you don't understand but for more peoples benefit. Iams is not known to be a good brand, and that is majorly understandable, most of Iams brand food does have poor quality, most the time it has unnamed meats, so many fillers !! Its just not the best to recommend as an overall brand. However, there are some that are good - I spent hours looking at the majority iams foods and found 1 that was good its an indoor one for vitality too and I use it, its a fresh chicken ones.
Now Ik that theres like 3 good ones. But its not always easy to find. I just honestly dont agree with recommending iams as an overall brand since the majority isnt very good. Only ever recommend specific ones that your sure are good quality.
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