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Default Re: I got offered a job at a pet store...

I rather like it that you got offered the job because it was clear that you knew a lot about hedgehogs (and possibly other animals), as opposed to getting offered a job because you seemed like a good saleswoman (a.k.a. a pushy one who will sell lots of product). It makes me think that they value proper animal knowledge and they know up-front that you'd be bringing a totally different hedgehog care perspective. I also say it's a tough call, but it could also be an opportunity to properly educate both customers and coworkers. A lot depends on the manager of that store - if it is someone who cares about animals and is open to learning more, to correcting mistakes, to really providing stellar care, then it might be a great job. However, if it's someone who is just concerned about the bottom line, then you'd have an uphill struggle and a lot of obstacles in trying to get proper care for the hedgehogs (and other animals in there). That being said, since you really hate your current job, I don't think you have much to lose in trying this new job.

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