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It's totally fine Holly's Helper! I don't think you're hijacking at all, I was actually considering James Well-beloved Housecat myself but was turned off by the Tomato Pomace as I heard this can be dangerous for hogs?

We've been told by my Mother that we absolutely must include an indoor cat kibble to reduce smell or she'll kick up a fuss and we're having a very hard time finding one that doesn't have ingredients we've been warned against or an excessive amount of filler-

So far what we've decided on is the Arden Grande and Wainwrights as the bulk of the mix with a very small amount of Wellness CORE Sterilised Adult Grain-Free Cat food as while it's high in fillers and is definitely not as nutritious as we'd like it's the only one we've found that doesn't include potentially dangerous ingredients... If anyone can suggest a better indoor cat food I'd be forever grateful!!
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