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So this morning I noticed that Michi hasn’t eaten & she is now secreting a dark green mucus. I figured it’s because of the antibiotics. I called the vet and was told to stop giving her the antibiotics & to syringe feed her food & probiotics. I had already gone to the store to get her chicken baby food & some acidophilus capsules that I saw someone mentioned in an older thread. The vet said to get benebac but unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to get any until Monday at the earliest.

Does anyone know any stores that sell benebac? I tried looking it up but only found options to order it online.

This whole thing has been stressful especially since I have to go back to work Monday. I took her to the vet to remedy her to later be told to stop the medication. I hope she doesn’t get worse from being off the antibiotics.

Managed to feed her about 1 cc of food. I’ll try to give her more in a few hours especially since half of the probiotic was mixed into it.
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