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I went to take Michi out of her cage this morning so I could clean it & give her a bath when I noticed blood on her chuck (Hospital pad). I checked her paws but they were fine. When I sat her down there was a blood clot on my hand. I took her to the vet. The vet isn’t sure if it’s caused by a uti or tumor since she didn’t do bloodwork. She didn’t feel comfortable sedating Michi because she keeps leaning to the left.
I was given antibiotics to give her for 10 days.

I’m gonna constantly monitor her & take her back if necessary. Not sure when to expect the bleeding to stop. Strangely she didn’t bleed at the vet but she bled again when I held her to give her the meds.

Has anyone had any similar issues with their hedgie?
Michi will be 3 in December.
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