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Default Re: I got offered a job at a pet store...

It is a bit of a hard decision to make...I work at a pet store right now, and initially wanted the job so I could be around animals/animal people, and possibly help give out better information. I think it'd be that much better for those hedgehogs and the customers if you worked there. You have the proper information and experience to help take care of the hedgehogs, and you can give any customers interested in them the right information. Personally, I do like taking care of the animals at my store, and I like talking to our customers that come in that are obviously animal lovers and enjoy talking about their pets.

However, I'm finding that my job, though I like it, is starting to wear me down. My coworkers like animals, but I think the job is still just a job for them. Quite often I find problems in the animals' care, just from someone being lazy and not wanting to remove water dishes to scrub them out, not giving the correct food, etc. I can't do much to force anyone to do these things, and our manager is much more concerned with making everyone keep the product straight than keep the animals healthy. I actually just picked up a job application for a different pet store that is much more animal-oriented. From what I can tell, the employees spend more time caring for the animals and talking to customers about the animals' care than anything else, which is exactly what I want to do.

So...It's up to you, really! If you hate your current job, I'd say you might as well give the pet store a shot. I don't think you're really supporting anything, and you can definitely do some good. If your manager is open-minded, maybe you'll be able to make some small improvements in the animals' care, especially the hedgehogs.
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