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Default I got offered a job at a pet store...

So a few days ago, I went by the pet store near my house, just to pick up some mealies for Kashi... and well, I noticed they had hedgehogs for sale...

So of course, I asked to see them... First of all, they had the hedgies on some Pretty Pets hedgehog food... and the babies looked like they were maybe 4-5 weeks old... so tiny... Anyway, the girl who works there offered to get them out for me with a pair of gloves... So I told her no, and picked them up by hand. Everyone at the store was like O_O and in shock that I would pick them up with my bare hands

I picked up the one they said was extremely antisocial. A little cinnicot pinto boy... much runtier than the other guy. He was a hissing ball of quills, but I managed to get him to unball, and I taught the girl how to sex them... and also a trick on how to get them to uncurl.

Well, we got to talking, because I was handling the hedgehogs for quite a while... and one thing led to another, and she finally asked if I was looking for a part time job.

I currently work at a call center... and I HATE my job so much. I deal with customer service, so I get extremely irate clients calling me to basically yell at me until I give them a discount they don't deserve (not always the case, but you know what I mean)... I've been looking for a new job all summer because I absolutely cannot take it anymore.

I'm dropping my CV off at the store, and I might go to an interview... but I guess the biggest problem I have with working at the store is that they sell animals. Animals who I know come from mills, or bad breeders... I rescued LeRoux from this very same pet store (the one with hyperesthesia)...

So what should I do?

I'd LOVE to have a chance to educate future pet parents, and to work with animals... but it's also an ethical issue too... Would I be supporting the mills if I do take this job?


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