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I do have a litter box, fleece strip forest and a little tray under her wheel. The wheel is temporarily out right now because I have to tighten the bolt on it a little more. I noticed it was a little loose when cleaning it.

I took this picture while cleaning her cage out this evening. I have storage with all her stuff below and I had to take down the heat lamp and such while cleaning but you can see her eating with her bowl.

Her wheel has a tray underneath it normally (aluminum cookie tray I get in a pack of 4 from the dollar store so I can easily wipe down or throw away) I’m looking for a more eco friendly tray that’s easy for her to get in and out and easy to clean. She is really good at using her litter box and going where the carefresh bedding is. She won’t go on the fleece or in her cuddle sack. The extra litter box is there just so she has more options.

She is also on a diet poor thing. She got fat! And the vet has me giving her specific portions of food so we are trying to get her a little slimmer.

She has really bad allergies right now too so the fleece is helping with that. I set up a humidifier and air purifier on the other side of the room since her allergies caused her to have such dry skin a few quills fell off.

She’s getting a bath tomorrow and I have some oatmeal prepared to put in the bath and some medicated lotion I got from the vet. She has a hard time in the fall to winter and spring to summer transition with her allergies. I’m also considering putting flax seed oil in her food as I’ve heard that’s helpful for chronic dry skin.

I am using some fleece blankets as a little canopy while I make a proper one for her. I’m planning to get a fleece wheel liner for her wheel so it’s easier on her footsies and I’m going to add two panels to the right side on top of her cage and move the heat lamp to there. I’m making a proper canopy for her to replace the blanket and I’ll have it going in the middle of the cage

She’s not directly under or in line of the air vents but ac doesn’t discriminate so I wanted to keep any dust or air off her.

I’m really excited about this progress because her first cage was a large guinea pig cage and now she has a really good size home with plenty of space to move and exercise.
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