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Originally Posted by Aj.t View Post
Some people will recommend leaving a bit more in the dish so that they do have the option of snacking during the day, but I personally donít like the idea simply because itís wasteful to end up throwing out the kibble that could have been eaten the next day if it was kept in a container.

If you can tell how much heís eating, give that to him each night. Offer some treats BEFORE giving him the kibble so heís still hungry for the yummy bonding/training snacks. Every so often I add an extra small scoop of kibble to see if she wants to eat more. If she ends up eating it all, I keep that portion steady until the next time she doesnít eat it all.
That all makes sense.

Since my hedgehog is still young (under 3 months) and a bit on the small side, I don't mind having some waste. Better that, for now, then him being hungry.
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