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I'm not saying its a bad idea to take them outside. Because yes some hedgehogs do like it. But some hedgehogs don't and this does need to be known to look for too.

I think it also depends when you take them outside, if your taking them outside, If I had the right type of garden for Holly to go out, I wouldn't take her out until late afternoon when the sun isnt directly on my back garden, so that the sun isnt as harsh for her, but even then I dont think Holly would like it.

Also what type of garden you have and what sorta things you'd put in your garden because most things like weed killer ect aren't going to be safe for them (or any animal really)

If your hedgehog genuinely enjoys it then it would be good exploring time, but the risks do need to be known even if they are minor. I wasnt saying it as a "no dont do this because of this" but the risks need to be known so that if symptoms occur of a parasite its not totally shocking to people.

I was more pointing things out to take into consideration before taking a hedgehog outside.

Its not very common to see a nocturnal animal out in the day or light and generally when you do its because they are ill or they cant find enough food at night. Its very rare especially with a hedgehog.

There's not really an issue and in the end its up to you and your hog, but knowing the risks is better than not knowing. In my opinion anyway

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