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Originally Posted by Ria View Post
Its what I was told to do by I cant remember who now.
I was also told to use a small animal insecticide spray after to make sure.

And I was told dandelions are toxic. If they got it wrong then okay, but to be honest its not like I can just google it, because thats how they got it in the first place.

I cant have Holly out in my garden anyway, as most of it is patio and gets really hot so she cant go on it. And the grass gets sprayed with something I cant remember but she cant go near it (we have no other pets)

But your waking up a nocturnal animal to go outside during the day, but it has no benefit. And theres more hogs who dont like it than do. (They tend to try hide because they dont like really like being woken up to be brought out into the harsh sunlight)
Plus Holly is really light sensitive, around my house we dont have majorly bright lights (because I'm very light sensitive myself) so the sun would really hurt her eyes like it does mine, but unlike me where I can protect my eyes from the sun light. Holly Cant. So I'd rather not put her through that either.
Not power levelling, simply making a statement haha; I study parasitology, in addition to epidemiology - warm water alone, even accompanied with a basic shampoo or not, is not sufficient at killing parasites. Even OTC insecticides have very poor success rates. They are also super easy to access, thus are incredibly over-used and often incorrectly used; which can cause resistance issues, further rendering them effectively useless.

I've also never heard of dandelions being toxic (they're actually awesome for their diuretic properties, and are used as a supplementation for many animals). Unless the person who made these original claims got mixed up with daffodils, I personally have never heard of a species to which dandelion poses a toxicity risk.
Not saying one doesn't exist! I just havent heard of one.

Now bringing a nocturnal animals outdoors is a valid argument, but even nocturnal animals can and do venture out occasionally (< keyword here folks!) during daylight. I wouldn't say it has no benefit at all, I know Coco does appear to be genuinely enjoying herself when we let her explore the garden for a while (never by herself, ofc) and it provides a lot of stimulation for them. but she always has the option to go back in her snuggle sack if she wants to - and that's my nod to know that she'd had enough, and wants to go back in which case she is promptly brought back indoors.

Not all hedgehogs are the same of course, and some will absolutely hate being outdoors. But i think this needs to be assessed individually, and only the owner can make that decision as they know their animal best. If your hedgehog seems distressed/overall not having a good time, don't bring them outdoors. Otherwise, i (personally) see no issue with it at all.
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