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Default Vomiting update & thoughts on trying natural substrate?

Vomiting Update:

Yuki has still been periodically vomiting. As I mentioned above, he had one good week of no vomiting which was after removing all the Now fresh food. But then it started again.

On Sunday 21st April I randomly woke up in the night, checked Yukiís pet cam (like the paranoid mum I am lol) and I saw a big vomit pile on his fleece inside the viv! I waited for him to go back to bed, he was actually really active this night, wheeled more than usual and drank a lot, and still ate reasonably well. He dropped 10gs when i weighed him the next day though! >< I scooped out the vomit pile to take to the vet and noticed this long clear thing in it! We also thought there was a speck of blood on the photo I took before I scooped it up but it could have just been the red fleece underneath. I didnít notice it when I looked at it but it was 4am by this point so I might have missed it.

Anyways we were worried this long thing could have been a parasite! My first reaction was it looked like a long piece of stringy semen which I have seen before lol, but when I sent photos to friends they thought a parasite. Whatever it was, most likely is what made him chuck up all his food, it was horrible to watch. I also saw a piece of black fleece fuzz in it. Iíll post photos in case anyone is interested.

We went to the vets, they checked the vomit, clear string thing and a poop sample as he also did a smelly not formed poop early hours that morning. Said it wasnít a parasite and they didnít know what it was (which means it was mostly like semen as I donít think vets realise they masturbate lol).

He didnít seem too concerned again, said his mouth looked good and sent us off with the same medicine as before. Not 100% happy with the diagnosis and just makes me feel like Iím being paranoid but clearly something isnít right.

He vomited a small patch once during the meds week and that night I gave him two mealies. I started mealies again to help get him to finish his meds. Heíd had them 3 precious nights (ate about 2-3 each night with no vomit). I stopped the mealies after the vomiting night and no more vomit until a few nights ago when below happened.

This past week weíve finished the meds and thereís been a small vomit patch two nights in a row inside his hide. I gave him white supers (ones that just shredded their shell so soft skin) and the vomiting happened both following mornings!

Heís still losing quills, approx 5 a week but the week before the last big vomit he lost 13 in a week! I gave him a bath and it seemed to help lower it back to 5 a week. Heís been losing quills since I put him back on fleece. The vet said again his skin looked good and he doesnít think itís mites so no need for another revolution treatment. So I guess think itís stress?

Next step is try changing his bedding to natural substrate. If anyone has any advice then please let me know. If you think itís a bad idea or could make the situation worse. At this point I feel like nothing is changing so I should try changing it...I can also change it back if he gets worse. My main concerns are compaction and also not being able to monitor as easily...
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