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Thank you Dea for the advice, sorry for my late reply.

Having spoke to some other experienced hedgie owners, we’re not sure it is food related but that’s interesting to hear about the blue buffalo. I’m still in the process of phasing it out as definitely doesn’t sound good for them regardless. Thanks for telling me that.

I have completely taken out the now fresh food from his mix so he’s on wellness x37 and blue buffalo x25 but every day I am slowly increasing the wellness and reducing the blue buffalo. He was actually vomit free for a week after removing the now fresh so I thought I had cracked the issue but it started again. This week I’ve also started introducing Stella & chewies raw freeze dried but he hasn’t really gone for it yet. Doesn’t help he is one fussy hog, who loves insects but he doesn’t seem to be able to ingest them properly!! ><

I’ve noticed he keeps trying to burrow and scratches at his fleece which then gets fuzz caught in his nails and if I don’t get it out during bonding he then grooms himself and must eat it. Twice last week there was a long string of fleece fuzz in his poop, the second time it was dangling out of his bottom and I had to help get it out by giving him a foot bath

So at this point I’m thinking the fleece isn’t helping, might not be the sole cause but it can’t be good for him to keep ingesting it. I’m going to try switch him on natural substrate (soil, sand and coco peat). I still worried he might ingest this but it can’t be as bad as ingesting fleece surely. Although I’ve read about reptiles being compacted with sand so I’ll have to make sure it’s not one that clumps.
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