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Originally Posted by moustachemoose View Post
Thanks for the replies!! I have a new Carolina Storm wheel for her, and I’ve tried adjusting the tilt a few times. Ill try it once more tonight and see if it makes a difference, and some flour too.

I would love to have a hedgehog proofed room soo much. I live in a basement too and I just can’t keep it warm enough in the summer. It stays about 62 degrees even if I put her in a small insulated room with both heat lamps and vents shut 😞 I’ll try and let her have a little more range to roam during the day, that’s a good idea. My first baby had noooo interest in exploring, but Pibble will take off at any chance lol. It’s definitey new for me!
It sounds like she’s definitely an explorer! I personally wouldn’t worry *too* much about the room temp if she’s running around and exploring; they’ll generate more body heat during their active periods anyway. As long as it’s not extended access, her body temp shouldn’t be of concern. I don’t let Christina have access whenever she wants, so it’s a controlled time, but it’s enough for her!
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