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Default How To Entertain a Hedgie that Won’t Use Wheel

I know there’s dozens of posts about toys, but I was wondering if there were any in particular y’all have found effective for a hedgie that won’t use the wheel?

Penelope is 8 weeks old and has been here for 3 weeks. She knows how the wheel works but doesn’t use it. Last night she decided to audition for Circe du Soleil and climbed her cage wall, yeehawed over the wall a foot to the floor, and had a party in the luckily closed-off room all night. When I put her back this morning she instantly tried to climb back out. Point being I know she is super bored with her house! I have pipes to run through, little balls to nose about, an igloo, and empty duct tape rolls in there since she arrived, minorly switching them up now and then.

Thank you!

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