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Useful thread!

I think it’s also important to add that calculating the GA of a combined mix isnt always as easy as just dividing each analysis by two and adding the numbers together. That method (of simply dividing by two) is only accurate if one is using the exact same weight of each food. I.e 500g of Food A and 500g of Food B.

For example if a full bag of Food A is 20% fat and weighs 350g, and a full bag of Food B is 10% fat and weighs 150g, the combined GA isnt 20 + 10/2 = 15% fat. It’s 20 x 70% = 14%, + 10 x 30% = 3%, for a total fat content of 17%.

It probably seems like common sense, but it's an all too common mistake. I see it all the time in other communities too where folk just add one full bag of each and call it a day, seemingly forgetting that different foods have different weights. In this case, the difference isnt too extreme. But it’s important to calculate an accurate GA nonetheless, which is why I just wanted to mention it.
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