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Originally Posted by Emc View Post
A cage made of cedar is perfectly safe, and there is absolutely no reason to avoid it.

The issue with cedar shavings is primarily related to the dust; the dust particles are also potentially hazardous to human health. Another issue is the high levels phenols - why pine and cedar smell so intense. This is irritating to your animals respiratory system, and is known to cause issues, i.e; upper respiratory infections.

Houses (and enclosures) made from cedar are safe. Reason being; the surface area is smaller (as it is solid), and the issue of dust particles is removed. So, the cage is safe - but shavings are not.

Ive kept hamsters over a decade, and am all too familiar with the world of safe and unsafe building supplies haha.
Ok that's relieving, its always good just to make sure that my hedgie isnt going to get hurt by the cage. Thanks for helping get that all cleared up
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