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Exclamation I need help

So with my current set up with my hedgehog, Ive got her in a large plastic container, with her litter and wheel in the main compartment and her sleeping area off in another compartment. I made the set up for her when she was 7 weeks. She's almost a year old now and she's already starting to grow much larger than the cage i designed can hold her, she can still move around but its not the amount of space she needs now that she's almost fully grown. I was looking around amazon for some cages and I found this:


Now I know it doesn't have the right amount of space for her wheel but I'm fully prepared to add on the cage to give her a a yard to keep the wheels and some toys. With some other modifications I think it would work perfect for her.

BUT I have a slight problem, as I'm reading the material list I'm noticing the cage is made up of Cedar. Which I know the shaving are toxic to small animals. Would having the building be made out of cedar have the same effects on my hedgehog as the wood shaving or would it be ok.

If it does pose a threat to her health, does anyone have any ideas for other cages that don't have such a "cage feel" & even a second story would be nice as well, to give her some extra space to walk around and explore. In other words a cage that isn't so traditional with the ugly wiring and such. That's part of the reason that the cage I'm thinking about buying became so appealing in the first place.

Thanks for the help!

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