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Hi! I was able to get almost 2 more ml of the wet food in to her. I also trimmed up her nails and we hung out for a bit.

I was out this morning (I volunteer at a cat shelter) but my husband was home and he messaged me to say she was out eating! When I got home, she had eaten about 60-70% of her dry kibble, and a tiny bit of her wet food. He said she also drank "a lot" of water, but I'm not sure how much water is too much? She didn't go in her wheel last night and she is back in her bed, but I'm hoping since she ate, that she will go running tonight. I also put the temp up a little bit more too.

I haven't heard any sneezing today and even last night I didn't hear any. Only in the afternoon. That's true too, she licks her nose a ton (She's even licking her nose in my profile pic lol) Thanks so much for checking on us!

Fingers crossed for tonight!
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