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I dont believe this is being marketed as a main diet; it clearly states treat on the bag, and only contains 70g. It's not the worst treat (though it is very low quality), but it is a terrible choice as your hedgehogs main source of nutrition. It is mostly dried mealworms (which can cause issues if fed regularly in such large amounts), and the pellets that it does contain are composed of low quality ingredients like fish meal and poultry meal. Specified meals (i.e chicken meal, beef meal, etc) are fine but unspecified meals like poultry meal are best avoided.

Food marketed for hedgehogs in general is just best avoided, I havent yet come across a single one that's actually high quality. As already mentioned, you're best off sticking to a high quality cat or dog food. Cat food is most recommended, as many hedgehogs have difficulty with dog biscuits; so they have to be broken up. There's a list of brands over here, if you want to check it out.
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