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If she still isn't acting right, take her in and have her checked out. Something is amiss, its just figuring out what.

I'm going to guess the 10 week number the length of time a hedgehog who hibernates can go without eating. With our little ones we need to start syringe feeding really soon after they go off their food as they quickly become weak and fatty liver sets in.

For feeding, you can do a couple of things, one is to crush her current kibble as fine as you can and add enough water to it to make it a paste. This will cause the least amount of stomach upset as its her normal diet. Another option, and does have some chance of stomach upset due to diet change is to buy a pate style canned cat food. I've had really good luck with Wellness turkey the last couple of times I needed to use it, but really any pate style should work. You may need to add a little water to it to get it to flow easier.

For amount, target getting 1 cc of food per hour. So at least 24 cc in 24 hours.

I'd start syringe feeding her now. If she hasn't eaten she will need the energy. Monitor her weight. If you can get several small meals in her vs one big meal that is fine.

Green stools mucousy stools can be caused by a variety of things. Collect a sample in a plastic baggie and take it with you on your veterinary trip. They can simply be from stress, dietary stress/change, intestinal upset/infection, antibiotic use, etc. Their GI is easily thrown off by any change.

One other thought, as they get older and if they are sick, monitor her cage temperature closely. You may need to turn her cage temperature up a lot more to keep her more comfortable.

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