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In the grand scheme of things, it’s probably one of the better hedgehog foods I’ve seen. With that being said, there are some threads on this forum about hedgehog impaction (constipation) due to being fed too many freeze dried worms that they can’t properly digest. I’d suggest checking those threads out to assess for yourself. I’ve personally used freeze dried in the past but never as a staple in their diet which I can assume is where the major problems come in.
It’s true though that “hedgehog quality” foods are almost never up to par. I use a quality dry cat diet. Look for ingredients that list specific animal meals instead of ‘poultry’ or ‘fish’. The shrimp and crab is a great example- instead of listing ‘seafood’ meal they list the type. Just something else to consider!
I’m sure all this information can be overwhelming so don’t feel bad for asking questions. I don’t have the link right now but there’s a GREAT thread on this forum that thoroughly discusses their diet needs in a simple way!
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