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I have done a lot of paying and experimenting with making toys out of fleece. Using sewing and not using sewing.
To be honest I think sewing just makes your options wider, but there is plenty you can do without it.

Like some of Holly's hats, I'm not gonna like I have actually glued them together because I couldn't be bothered to get my sewing stuff and my fabric glue was right near me (Hot glue guns can be used too just make sure you use non toxic glue sticks)

I could easily do a whole thread of fleece toys and non fleece things with how to do them that doesn't involve sewing all great for hedgehogs. I also have a lot where it does involve sewing.
I have a very creative mind, and very experimental nature, I make most of them while cuddling Holly in the evenings too. They aren't hard to make and never take me long.

I made Holly's vivarium curtains to block out any light because theres always a small light in the room so just to make sure its dark for her I made her some curtains. (This does involve sewing)

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