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Originally Posted by Buddysmom View Post
Yeah I figured you had made them and those mats are a great idea!! Great job by the way! 😉 Did you put batting/padding in them? Did you use a round padding for the edges?!
Thanks! The main liner has batting inside. The medium size mat is not filled/padded. I figured he could burrow under that if he wanted. However I did make a couple that same size with padding to use as lap pads when I have the hedgehog out on my lap.

Just yesterday, I thought it would be fine to have him out on my lap with a mat that was just 2 pieces of fleece sewn together (no padding). Well, Mecki decided to pee-- and the pee went right through the fleece and soaked in my jeans!

I'm using the padded lap pads from now on!

Not sure which "edges" you meant.
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