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Yes, Emc. It's fine you reiterating how it can be with hedgehogs.

With indoor pet rabbits, I'm quite experienced. Rabbits are similar to hedgehogs in how varied their personalities can be & in how long some may take to warm up to a new home. I was prepared for what could happen with a new hedgehog but also began to recognize when things continued to go downhill even after the quilling. It was enough that even the breeder realized this was more than just a matter of time. Sometimes a particular animal and a particular human just won't click.

I've waited a week before posting because this new Mecki is such a contrast. I kept expecting something to change for the worse. He is starting to quill but I'm still able to interact with him easily. He far exceeds my expectations so if he gets a bit grumpy, that's ok.
here with my Mecki-- born 2/12/19

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