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Hey there! So glad to hear you’ve chosen to add a hedgehog to your family. Unfortunately for the food, it’s a poor quality kibble. I’ve had experience with this specific brand and the ingredients are pretty bad. It’s almost like giving them McDonald’s every day- yuck! When looking for a quality kibble, you’ll want to focus on two main things: ingredient list and analysis. Personally, ingredients is slightly higher on the importance list. Look for a kibble that has real meats or real meat meals listed as the first 3-5 ingredients, and low on stuff like starches and fillers of the likes. I’ve even seen some “hedgehog quality” foods have ground aspen shavings in them! So definitely look for that. As for analysis, the protein content should be between 30-35% while the fat a general maximum of 15%. There should be fiber listed in the percentages, and I always look for taurine- it’s a compound that has oodles of benefits in humans and animals alike (though it shouldn’t have a high percentage as too much of anything is never good, but taurine specifically works with some major organs so flooding them with loads of taurine could cause major problems!). Like Mecki said, a mix of two or three kibbles is always a good idea in the event one becomes discontinued, but it’s not *required*.
As for housing, I have a similar set up as Mecki but I have a Midwest Guinea Habitat instead of a tank!
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